1. Performing the Duty of Ceasing to be Sad

    Filipe Felizardo & Yann Gourdon

  3. Think a Smile

  4. Concerto


  6. The Big Cloud of Not is a Carrot at the End of Zeno's Tunnel

  7. 木瓜 - Live at ZDB
    Filipe Felizardo & The Things Previous

  8. Red Cross

  9. The Creeping Nothing to Lurk At

  10. Em Restrospectiva, Nem Emoção Era

  11. I Love This Funny Dance You Do

  12. The Pedant

  13. La Langue de l'Ophiolite
    Yann Gourdon & Filipe Felizardo

  14. Come Wander - Live at ZDB
    Filipe Felizardo & The Things Previous

  15. Last Rites of the Probable

  16. The Myth of the Given

  17. Complete Works

  18. O caminho a pé desde a Portela até Lourel

  19. Se Eu Cheirasse (Era Pior Mix)

  20. The Defenestration Dance

  21. The Beach

  22. O Desmembramento da Sociedade do Inconseguimento (Dureza Mix)
    A Fenomenologia do Mau Vinho

  23. Coro da Primavera
    A Fenomenologia do Mau Vinho


  25. ment Pending
    Bandeira Branca

  26. The Bad Empties

  27. Volume 11 - if i Let Go, there's a Pile of Excrement down be Lo!, a

  28. Volume 10 - Visits the Moon, Really

  29. Volume 8 - The Seven Dreams of the Turd as told to the Frog in the Pond

  30. Volume VI - The Sun Rises in Your Tummy & Other Christmas Illuminations
    Filipe Felizardo & The Things Previous

  31. Volume IV - The Invading Past & Other Dissolutions

  32. Volume II - Sede e Morte

  33. Fail Missa TVI

  34. Guitars for White Noise
    Filipe Felizardo & Bruno Silva

  35. Volume VII - Three Shadows for a Blind
    Filipe Felizardo, Margarida Garcia & Riccardo Wanke

  36. Volume III - O Water! - O Excrement! - O Dissolution! - Before the Day of the Last Beginning

  37. Volume V - On the Beach & Other Paranoid Memories

  38. LIMBO
    Filipe Felizardo & Margarida Garcia

  39. Guitar Soli for the Moa and the Frog


Filipe Felizardo Lisbon, Portugal


"a monstrous ghost of Takoma music"
Frances Morgan, The Wire

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